Aloha Chickens!

Aloha Chickens


UPDATE:  This site is no longer in use!  It has not been updated since 2011.  

I have left it up (for now) because it shows some older photos and info on how the project got started.

Things are still going great as of October, 2015, but I've learned so much in these four years!

The newest Alohas are looking terrific, and I've almost reached my goal.  There will be a NEW web site coming hopefully in early 2016.   In the meantime, I've been doing regular updates on the breeding program on my Blog here:

Please check it out and see how great the chickens look today.  Here's a little preview, one of my favorite Alohas, born in 2015:

LOTS more photos on my Aloha Chickens "PInterest" page here:

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to look around the old web site a little, to see how this tiny project from such a humble start has grown into something really nice.   

Have a great day!  Aloha!


(The following was written in 2009:)


Welcome to my web site! 

I'm one of thousands of backyard chicken owners.  I'm also an artist, (and a little bit of a wacky one at that.)  A few years ago, I decided to buy some chickens to run around my yard.  As I started to research chicken breeds, like most people, I was astounded at the huge variety, shapes, colors and sizes of chickens that are available to fanciers around the world!

I quickly decided that my chickens would be far from ordinary.  I wasn't going to be one of those folks who walks into the ice cream store and orders vanilla, when there are 30 other flavors to choose from! Soon I was dialing up hatcheries, and ordering boxloads of chicks of all different shapes, colors and sizes.

One of the breeds I really liked was called "Swedish Flower Hens".  They can be seen on the fantastic web page called "Feathersite".  You can see them here:

Unfortunately, this breed is not available in the US.  (At least, not that I know of?)

I did find a couple of other colorful breeds, like Exchequer Leghorns and Spotted Sussex.  

However, each of these breeds come in one hue only, and I was fascinated by the variety of colors in the Swedish breed.

(UPDATE:  At the time of this writing, early 2009, there were no Swedish Spotted Hens in the U.S.  Note that a small flock has been imported by Greenfire Farms recently, but because I have made such progress with my Alohas, and the Swedish Spotted are so rare both here and in Sweden, I will continue with the Aloha program.  To see the US Swedish Spotted flock: )

Soon I was hatching eggs out of incubators, and experimenting with the existing breeds to see if I could have any success creating a similar type of "Swedish Flower" chicken in my backyard.  Turns out, this wasn't going to be as easy as I thought!  I'll tell you more about that later . . . .

I've come across statements from other chicken fans on sites like that express their desire to see more colorful chickens.

I have built this site to see if those same people would be interested in helping me do it!  Let's see if we can make America's own "Most Colorful Chickens"!  Sound like fun?

Here's the best part:  I'm doing this just for fun, not to make money.  The spirit of Aloha is sharing, community, and good will.  Aloha Chicken hatching eggs and birds will be FREE to dedicated poultry fans who wish to seriously dedicate themselves to developing this idea. 

I can't do this alone - and I have no desire to "hoard" any stock, but wish to share it with experienced chicken fans, in hopes someday anyone who wants a flock of colorful backyard chickens will be able to find them anywhere!

Please check out the other pages on this web site.  If you are interested in helping, contact me at:

Register to use their Forum.  You can send a private message to me, or see my other posts on there.

When I get extra Aloha Chickens or extra hatching eggs, I will share them with BYC members first! 

Find me by searching BYC for my user name, "Alohachickens".  If you send a message through the BYC web site, I will be notified on my regular business email address.  (Which I don't want to post on here, to prevent spam.)